Tinting Law


Due to irresponsible marketing and individuals fitting excessively dark and poor quality window films to front driver and passenger windows, the authorities have found it necessary to clamp down to eradicate this practice.

It is sad to say that it is due to the heavy marketing of suppliers of window films to offer window tinting as an add on to existing businesses, that of car audio specialists, car body shops, window cleaners, etc., who have been irresponsibly installing dark, poor quality films.

There is a recognized distinction and scientifically documented difference between light high quality window tints, which are completely safe for road use in any conditions (as are installed by us) and poor quality excessively dark tints, which are dangerous, vision impairing, morally wrong and should be banned. At Privacy Tinting we have always worked with the police to help them in this regard.

Scientific experts and department of transport studies have confirmed that light tints do actually advance and improve road safety and these are approved and used in many countries around the world. Indeed under health and safety risk assessment laws, light safety films should be used to reduce risk from injury and therefore liability.

It is most regrettable now that after much effort over many years as responsible professionals trying to get our industry to regulate itself that now new legislation has been employed to enforce new practices. This will require that front window tints, previously considered acceptable will now require removal or replacement.

As the law states that the front 2 windows and windscreen MUST allow 70% visible light transmission, please note that any window tint forward of the ‘b’ post is illegal.

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