Paint Protection Film

3M VentureShield™ is a clear, thermoplastic urethane film made from 100% aliphatic resin. Its ability to resist yellowing whilst offering the highest level of abrasion resistance is unparalleled in the industry.

Offering superior protection on all painted surfaces, ranging from motor vehicles, to RV’s, motorcycles, boats and trucks of all models and makes, 3M VentureShield is so strong that we offer it with a Lifetime Warranty!
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Leading OEM’s such as the Daimler Chrysler Corporation have recently confirmed that VentureShield™ has superior yellowing and abrasion resistance to any other urethane film on the market, and have started to replace their incumbent supplier with 3M VentureShield!

Nissan of Europe has tested every urethane film on the market to their severe gravelometer requirements, and there is only one film on the market that meets these stringent requirements – 3M VentureShield!

It has also passed numerous OEM test requirements here in the UK and in the United States, GM Test and Ford Test A , Ford Test B, Ford 12 Month UV Test

If you are looking to protect your prized possessions from the every day hazards on our roads, 3M VentureShield is your answer.

Our Paint Protection Film is available as pre cut kits in a multitude of different formats, see below:

Motorcycles & Bikes

Cars & Motor vehicles

Seen here in the Spa 24 hour endurance race, the car was involved in a pit lane collision that damaged the side panel. When the VentureShield was removed, the painted surface was left without a scratch!

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Ventureshield paint protection film for motorcycles Ventureshield paint protection film for motorcycles. Ventureshield paint protection film is clear, tough, durable and easy to install. Ventureshield paint protection film is available as precut sheets for motorcycles, tank sides, tank pads, fairings, fendors and more. Ventureshield headlight and foglight paint protection film. Ventureshield bumper and front wing paint protection film.

Protect your vehicle from stone chips with VentureShield Paint Protection Film.

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